Thoughts on Our Founding Fathers

In light of the debate that continues about the status of health care in the United States, I’ve been considering some of the thoughts of our Founding Fathers. They founded this nation on freedom, self-reliance, and accountability. Those are character traits that were important to them. Now we are considering how everyone can have adequate health care at the cost of the whole citizenry.

In my reading this week I came across an article that was printed around 1950. I found it astonishing in light of our current debates. I thought you might enjoy the feelings of our patriots in the 1950’s.

“The following excerpt show how Aaron M. Sargent, member of the San Francisco Bar (oh how they’ve changed!), states his point in the conclusion of his talk on ‘Socialized Medicine’:

“You had better think about the effect of all this on the morale of our people. Every time we lead men to believe they can get something for nothing, we bring them closer to dictatorship. Lenin said ‘socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.’

“There are at least ten communist fronts working for social insurance. Do you think they are trying to improve conditions in the United States? Do you have the idea they are trying to build a strong nation able to stand up against Soviet Russia?

“No, they key people in these communist fronts realize that compulsory health insurance will bankrupt the United States, as it has exhausted the finances of every nation which has tried that experiment. They know disorder will follow—that we will become disunited. And they know something else—they realize that controls established under that system will be available to set up a dictatorship.

“Social Security is the greatest delusion of our time. We have come to believe we can get security without working for it—that it is only necessary to vote for it. The people of another great nation went to destruction because of that delusion. They voted for a promis of their leader. He said: ‘We shall banish want. We shall banish fear. The essence of National Socialism is human welfare. National Socialism is the revolution of the common man. National Socialism means a new day of abundance at home, and a better world abroad.’ Those are the words of Alolf Hitler, and that is the delusion.

“What does America intend to do about its own delusion? What do you propose to do about it?” (as quoted in “You Can Learn to Speak” 1950, Royal R. Garff, page 142-143.)

So that’s still the question. What does American intend to do about its own delusion? And, more importantly, What do you propose to do about it?

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