Speaking-2Steve was a professional member of The National Speakers Association for many years. He served on the Board of Directors of the Arizona chapter for two years.  Here’s what the founder of that organization, Cavett Robert, said about one of Steve’s presentations which he attended: “I have been a member of the (legal association) bars of Virginia, New York, and Arizona for over half a century, and I say without reservation your presentation was (one of) the finest I have ever heard. Not only was your presentation clear and instructive, but you are gifted with a sense of humor which made the entire presentation enjoyable.”

Although Steve is now semi-retired, he continues to enjoy sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm in new speaking engagements. Here is a list of some of Steve’s speaking topics.

About early American history, and specifically our Founding Fathers:

Category: Powerful Leadership Principles as taught by our Founding Fathers.
Topic: “The Electrifying Effect of Passionate Speech—Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere.”
Topic:  “The Magic of Thinking Big—John Adams, George Washington, James Madison.”
Topic:  “If You’re Feeling Swamped . . . Get Help—George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Baron Von Steuben, Thomas Paine.”
Topic:  “Benjamin Franklin’s 12 Laws of Leadership.”
Topic:  “Christopher Columbus: The Spirit of God Wrought Upon the Man.”

Category:  “Wise Men Raised Up For This Very Purpose.”
Topic:  “Thomas and Martha Jefferson: Pursuit of Happiness.”
Topic:  “John and Abigail Adams:  A Love Story.”
Topic:  “James and Dolley Madison: The Father of the Constitution and his Hostess.”
Topic:  “Patrick and Sarah Henry: Give Me Liberty.”
Topic:  “Benjamin Franklin: The Man Who Snatched the Lightning.”
Topic:  “George Washington: The Indispensible Man.”

About the United States Foundation Documents:

Category:  “The Constitution of the United States Made Easier to Understand.”
(Ninety minutes, or can be extended to be a four part series of lectures.)

About the Trial of Jesus Christ:

Category:  “The Trial of Christ—A Lawyer’s Perspective.”
Topic:  “Setting the Stage:  Who Are the Players, and What are the Rules?”
Topic:  “The Arrest:  Betrayest Thou the Son of Man With a Kiss?”
Topic:  “The Illegal Trials:  I Find No Fault in Him.”

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