Fun Facts

Founding Fathers cover

Do you know….

Which Founding Father played the violin, harp and guitar? (p. 6)
Whose smallpox infection at age 19 likely saved him from the smallpox epidemic during the Revolutionary War? (p. 47)
Who admitted “his enjoyment of the society of females ‘engaged’ him too much”? (p. 84)
Who was dubbed America’s “first national hero”? (p.117)
Which Founding Father was not a good speaker? (p. 155)
Who was only 5’6” and weighed little more than 100 pounds? (p. 185)
Who established the first fire insurance company in America? (p. 6)
Who emerged from a French and Indian War battle with four bullet holes in his coat and had two horses shot out from under him, yet he remained unharmed? (p. 51)
Who spent 10 years in France, Holland and England (with no visit home) working behind the scenes as a diplomat to further the American cause abroad during and after the Revolutionary War? (p. 105)
Which Founding Father worked as a bartender? (p. 119)
Who plunged his feet into cold water each morning and claimed it protected him from colds? (p. 158)
Who graduated from Princeton in only 2 ½ years? (p. 186)
Who was a vegetarian, and why did he abandon it? (p. 24)
Which Founding Fathers had no children of their own? (p. 53, 206)
Who said the vice presidency is “the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived? (p. 106)
Who became a lawyer after only three months of studying law? (p. 120)
Who introduced the European treats macaroni, waffles and ice cream to America? (p. 168)
Who was a walking encyclopedia about the history and political philosophy of governments of the past? (p. 190)
Who took a daily “air bath” – and who refused to travel with him as a result? (p. 25-27)
Who added the words “So help me God” to the Presidential oath of office? (p. 76)
Which Founding Fathers died on the same day, July 4, 1826, on the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence? (p. 112)
Which Founding Father had 17 children? (p. 133)
Who referred to the presidency as “A splendid misery… nothing but unceasing drudgery and a daily loss of friends”? (p. 171)
Whose wife saved the Declaration of Independence and a portrait of George Washington from being burned by the British during the War of 1812? (p.208)
Who left 2,000 pounds to be distributed to Massachusetts and Boston 200 years after his death, totaling $6.5 million in 1991? (p. 35)
Who was buried without any funeral oration? (p. 78)
Whose book inspired the framers of the Constitution? (p. 104-105)
Whose gift of 10,000 pounds of meat and 2,000 bushels of salt to the army prevented troops from starving and helped turn the Revolutionary War around? (p. 133)
Who sold his collection of books to the Library of Congress to replace books which were destroyed during the War of 1812? (p. 175)
Who was the Father of the Constitution, as well as its final remaining signer before his death? (p. 210)