Abraham Lincoln Loved Books

Lincoln was an avid reader. He always kept a book nearby. He read the newspapers voraciously. He loved books. His favorite books included the Bible and books about his beloved George Washington, especially the biography by Reverend Mason Locke “Parson” Weems.

It was through reading books that Lincoln learned how to speak, but he understood that speaking was useless unless people would actually listen to you. That’s why most of his speeches were filled with anecdotes and stories.

Have you ever considered that Abraham Lincoln became President of the United States because of his ability to find the truth by public discussion. Abe Lincoln was not a governor of any state as were Wilson and Roosevelt. He had only served one uneventful term in Congress. But he achieved his prominence through his debates with Stephen A. Douglas. read more

Abe Lincoln and Donald Trump

There’s been a overwhelming amount of vitriol in the voice of the people and the media these days. Who would have thought it could ever be this bad about a man who just wants to make America great. Even if Donald Trump just makes it better, wouldn’t that be great?

Abraham Lincoln had a similar problem in his presidency. The Civil War was fought on the battlefields and in the press. At that time the newspapers were also full of descriptions of the feats of a well-known tight rope walker named Blondin. read more

Abraham Lincoln’s Son

I’m going to just quote this story. It is too bazaar to leave it alone and not share it with all of you.

“Robert Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s eldest son, is the only person to have been at the scene of three presidential assassinations. On April 14, 1865, the day his father was shot, Robert Todd rushed to Ford’s Theatre to be with his fatally injured father. In 1881, he was in the room with President James Garfield the day Garfield was assassinated. And twenty years later, he was to join President William McKinley at the Pam American Exposition, arriving shortly after McKinley was assassinated. There are many a mysterious and bizarre happenstance about Abraham Lincoln’s life and death, and so too with Robert Todd. You see, the son of the president would never have witnessed any of these assassinations had he not narrowly escaped death at a young age. While standing on a crowded platform, he stumble and nearly fell onto the tracks. He was grabbed by the back of the shirt and pulled to safety in the nick of time. The person who saved his life was Edwin Booth—the brother of John Wilkes Booth. Yeah, I got chill bumps, too!” (“Stupid History”, by Leland Gregory, 2014, page 252.) read more

The Founding Fathers and Kindness

One of the virtues our Founding Fathers are known for, is Kindness. Thomas Jefferson was known to receive visitors to the President’s Mansion without prior announcement or request. He was always polite and gracious to his visitors.

George Washington likewise entertained drop-in guests at Mount Vernon and served them delicious meals and cheerful reunions.

Benjamin Franklin was always very diplomatic. He treated everyone like an equal.

Kindness can have its rewards. I’m reminded of a client I had in my 37 years of Estate Planning. This one divorced man was very quiet but polite in all situations. His name was Ray. On one visit he told me of a kind and respectful young cashier he had met at the local Safeway grocery store where he shopped weekly. He was divorced and wanted some specific bequests made in his small trust. He didn’t own much in the way of assets. read more

Happy Birthday George Washington

GeorgeWashingtonToday, February 22, is George Washington’s birthday.

As we reflect on his life, it becomes apparent that he was an unusual and uncommon man. The things he accomplished in his 67 years on the earth are just astonishing.

He became a surveyor and businessman at the age of 15. He was a hero in the French and Indian War. He was a terrific dancer and married Martha just a few months after their first meeting. He turned Mount Vernon into a beautiful mansion and a business center with a carpenters shop, blacksmith shop, fishing business, and a farm with sheep, wheat, and other animals and crops. read more

Happy Birthday George Washington

Landsdowne paintingI was a little bit encouraged and heartened by the newscasts today. I’m talking about the treatment and reporting about President’s Day. Two of the popular news show reporters on the evening news, when talking about the holiday actually referred to George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

They bantered back and forth and postulated that the holiday actually came about to honor Washington and Lincoln who were both born in the month of February. It was a nice conversation. But then they admitted that President’s Day has changed. Now we kind of honor many of the late U.S. Presidents. Oh well, it was a good start. read more

President George Washington

I am officially chagrined. Meaning marked by disappointment, annoyed, vexed and irritated. One of my favorite TV talk show hosts treated President’s Day like most uninformed or misinformed students today.
He went around a busy college and showed pictures of several U.S. Presidents and asked the young people if they knew who the person in the picture was.

Of course, most of those asked didn’t have a clue as to which President was pictured. That was to be expected. What I did not expect was that the moderator treated President’s Day as if it were a day to honor any president of your choosing. That wasn’t the idea when the holiday came into being. But that’s what he made it sound like. read more

U. S. Presidents

Landsdowne paintingYesterday’s post was about President’s Day. I hope you will all be celebrating this holiday. Be sure to remember George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. These are the two presidents for which the day was made a holiday by combining their two birthdays.

Abraham Lincoln loved the early American history, and especially loved George Washington. They were so alike. Both were tall. Abe, “6’4” nearly” and George 6’3” exact on his death bed. You know what happens when you age.

Both men are known for their honesty. George “I cannot tell a lie,” and “Honest Abe.” Both led the country during tumultuous timAbraham_Lincoln_2es. George the Revolutionary War and Abe the Civil War. Both turned to the Bible and to God for protection and inspiration. read more

Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

GeorgeWashingtonI have missed creating my Blog ever since the Christmas Holidays at the end of last year. Things got in the way. You know how life can be sometimes!

Here we are just a few days away from ‘”President’s Day”. I just wanted to gear up again about these men for which President’s Day was created and named. I’ll have more to say about these two men.

But I just wanted to clarify something. I have discovered in talking with younger people, that many do not know why we have a President’s Day. Many are of the opinion that on this holiday one can choose to honor whichever U.S. President they wish. It could be Calvin Coolidge, Jimmy Carter, or even Barack Obama. read more

Be Thankful–It’s Thanksgiving!

Abraham_Lincoln_2Sing Songs of Gratitude

On this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, We should be grateful that President Abraham Lincoln declared this day a national holiday. I have been impressed by the great blessings I have received in my life. Big and small. Some I didn’t think of as blessings at the time, still turned out for the best, or for my needed experience. Perhaps you feel the same.

That caused me to think of a song I learned in my youth. It goes something like this.

“When upon life’s billows you are tempest-tossed,
When you are discouraged thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings; name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done. read more