Books and Founding Fathers

I cannot live without books. — Thomas Jefferson

I make it a rule not to clutter my mind with simple information that I can find in a book in five minutes. –Albert Einstein

A house without books is like a home without windows. –Horace Mann

Books are readily available, and what good companions they are. A good book is the same today as yesterday. It is never displeased when we put it down; it is always inspiring when we pick it up. It never fails us in times of adversity. –Fulton J. Sheen

Yes, I am the author of several books, including “Founding Fathers—Uncommon Heroes”. My new book is coming soon. It will bear the title of “A Patriot Imprisoned” and it explains why I was charged by our government, pleaded to a crime I didn’t commit, was vindicated by the civill court, but nevertheless incarcerated for 46 months, and what I learned from the whole experience. I hope you will look for it, read it, and even respond directly to me.

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