Battle for Independence

Ben Franklin thumb pictureYou may have missed it but the Revolutionary War ended in 1781 at Yorktown, VA. The particulars of that battle were amazing. So was the outcome. British General Cornwallis surrendered his army after the valiant efforts of the Americans and the French.

After the defeat at Yorktown, a friend of Benjamin Franklin approached him and said: “It looks as if the battle for independence is finally over.”

Franklin replied: “Sir, you are mistaken. The Revolutionary War may be over, but the battle for independence has just begun.”

Then in 1787 when the new Constitution had been approved and signed, as Franklin was leaving Independence Hall he was asked by a lady on his way down the steps: “Well Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?’

He solemnly answered: “A Republic—if you can keep it!”

Can we keep it?

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