Abraham Lincoln Loved Books

Lincoln was an avid reader. He always kept a book nearby. He read the newspapers voraciously. He loved books. His favorite books included the Bible and books about his beloved George Washington, especially the biography by Reverend Mason Locke “Parson” Weems.

It was through reading books that Lincoln learned how to speak, but he understood that speaking was useless unless people would actually listen to you. That’s why most of his speeches were filled with anecdotes and stories.

Have you ever considered that Abraham Lincoln became President of the United States because of his ability to find the truth by public discussion. Abe Lincoln was not a governor of any state as were Wilson and Roosevelt. He had only served one uneventful term in Congress. But he achieved his prominence through his debates with Stephen A. Douglas.

At least two of the greatest shows of oratorical prose in regular American language came from the lips of Abraham Lincoln. He could speak, and he could persuade people by his homely and timely masterpieces. William Jennings Bryan has said, “Lincoln’s elevation to the Presidency would have been impossible without his oratory.”

President Donald Trump has shown some of the same expertise and ability to give speeches to the every-day working class American, and have them understand what he’s about. He did it so well as to be elected over and above some very knowledgeable and experience politicians. Not a mean feat by any means.

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