The Christian Founding Fathers

This week’s commemoration of Good Friday and then Easter Sunday is an important milestone in the Christian Religion. It was honored by our Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson said that the “Wee Little Book” he created is “proof positive that I am a real Christian . . . .”

Benjamin Franklin’s “Project for Moral Perfection” had him working on his character to imitate the humility of Jesus. George Washington paid for his own seat or booth at the Christian Church in Alexandria which was close to Mount Vernon.

Patrick Henry in his own Last Will and Testament included these words: “The religion of Christ can give them one (an inheritance) that will make them rich indeed.”

John Adams early education came from books in his family’s library, including Shakespeare, Ben Johnson, and especially the Bible. James Madison, “The Father of the Constitution” taught the nation of: “. . . the transcendent need to do something about the looming evil that mocked the moral integrity of the nation. . .”

The wisdom of the last week of the life of Jesus Christ should be uppermost in our minds this week as we consider the blessing of the resurrection brought about by the death of Christ after his crucifixion at the end of his illegal trials. This week read once again “The Illegal Trial of Christ,” by Steven W. Allen, JD.

Happy Easter!

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