Our Founding Fathers and Moral Virtues

Benjamin Franklin created his “Project for Moral Perfection” in order to become as perfect as he could in his chosen principles.

George Washington was taught at the request of his father in Rules of Civility and Decent Behaviour.

Thomas Jefferson sometimes recited the Lord’s 10 Commandments out behind the barn to help his school go faster.

John Adams’ father wanted him to become a minister and that’s the main reason he was sent to The College of New Jersey to study.

Patrick Henry had a tradition of spending each evening with his family to read scriptures together.

It seems that our Founding Fathers were conditioned to treat others according to the “Golden Rule.” Character was important. A man’s word was his bond. Innate in most parents is a desire to teach their children moral virtues. This is a principle acceptable to most religions.

Perhaps we should get back to some of their ways!

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