Lessons From Prison

Patrick Henry warned us about losing some of our rights, even with the new Constitution. Yes, just as he warned, I was unjustly and falsely accused of conspiracy to defraud the government. To avoid a possible 37 year prison sentence, I accepted a plea offer. Later I was exonerated when the civil court decided I had done no wrong.

Read about this In my upcoming book “A Patriot Imprisoned.” Sometimes people ask me how I could have made it through confinement, imprisonment, and detention, and remain confident, optimistic, and even positive? It’s because those are my choices. That is my character.

I have learned from these experiences that we should reach out to others, don’t judge them. Be sympathetic and charitable where possible. And do so even when it seems out of the question! That’s when it becomes more difficult.

Just like everyone else, I have my challenges, even still. But I have learned from them and they have made me stronger.

Before I went to prison, I had written a book about “The Illegal Trial of Christ.” I knew what Christ went through. Those in charge thought it was only justice that He should be crucified. Now, with my incarceration, I was able to taste just a miniscule bit of what he went through.

Christ knew what he was about to suffer, but even He had to experience it “in the flesh” to understand the real meaning of His sacrifice. I felt like Christ wanted to let me feel just a small portion of what He had to endure. So my experience was an extraordinary learning experience for me.

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