America the Beautiful

thomas paineSeveral years ago, the King at the time told a friend how he had sent 14 of the brightest young men of Rumania to receive some training for future service in the government. He had sent 7 to England and another 7 to the United States of America, to study the respective political and even economic systems.

“The seven who went to England were very smart,” said the King, “and they now each have an important post in the leading councils of Bucharest.”

“What about the 7 you sent to America?” asked the friend. read more

Happy New Year

colorful-calendar-2016-template-free-vectorHere’s a thought for the New Year:

“The old year dies and we face the new year as though it was a new entity, new as a newborn babe (sometimes it’s even pictured that way)

. . . Yet all our yesterdays are summarized in our now, and all the tomorrows are ours to shape, . . . and year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom and experience can instill in us.” –Hal Borland, as quoted in “Worth Repeating” by Bob Kelly.

Thanks Bob!

Why Not be an American in America?



Wow! I was shocked by this story. I guess I shouldn’t have been in this day and age, but still it bothered me.

Apparently, a school in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has a tradition of America day together with their homecoming celebration. But this year the school leaders wanted to cancel it because this may offend some at school who don’t consider themselves truly Americans!

That makes sense for Berkley California, but for Jackson Hole? I just couldn’t believe it anywhere in America.

As an American historian, I couldn’t help but think about some of the words of our President Theodore Roosevelt: read more