So you think you know the Real George Washington, do you?


If George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were to walk into your home together, who do you think would appear the taller?

Which of our Founding Fathers introduced ice cream, macaroni, and even waffles to the American menu?

These and many other Fun Facts are explained in Steven W. Allen’s books in a way that will help you come to know the Real George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and other Founding Fathers, like never before.

Steven Allen 2 on stageSteven W. Allen, J.D., historian and author brings to life some of the most interesting figures in American History. You will love reading about Benjamin Franklin’s horse who ate oysters, Thomas Jefferson’s first copying machine, and George Washington’s bullet ridden coat.

In addition, Steve explains about the illegalities of the Trial of Christ from a lawyer’s standpoint in his book “The Illegal Trial of Christ.” Learn how Tiberius Caesar’s wedding gift to Pontius Pilate affected the Trial and who the owners of the temple booths for the sale of sacrificial animals happened to be, and why that’s important.

Learn these and other interesting conditions surrounding the lives of some of the most important people in history. Check out Steve’s books today. Click on your favorite image to learn more.